Sponsorship Benefits

At the Smitten Project, our unique program offers a highly targeted market for our sponsors, presenting an exceptional opportunity to reach a diverse and engaged audience. We understand that sponsors seek to align their brand with initiatives that resonate with their core values and connect with their ideal customer base. That’s why we’ve meticulously designed our platform to attract individuals actively seeking meaningful relationships and committed couples looking to nurture their love and live their most fulfilling lives. 

As a sponsor of the Smitten Project, you’ll have the opportunity to leverage benefits that are tailored to suit your unique marketing objectives. We offer a diverse range of sponsorship opportunities, each with its specific benefits and pricing structures, centered around our events, workshops, and digital content. Our team will work closely with you to craft a strategic package that maximizes your impact and ensures a meaningful return on your investment. We recognize that each event and initiative may offer distinct opportunities, so we remain flexible in tailoring benefits to best align with your marketing goals.  

Your Smitten representative will work with you on the availability of these benefits, not every benefit is available for all events. Some of the sponsorship benefits offered by the Smitten Project include: 

Presenting Sponsor

  • Naming rights
  • Crate co-branded merchandise for distribution at the event
  • Sponsorship recognition, including a link to your company, on any of the Smitten Project brand websites
  • Sponsored content video for posting on any of the Smitten Project brand websites
  • At-event signage
  • Dedicated social media recognition
  • Opportunity to host the event at your venue
  • Inclusion in all press-releases and other media activities
  • Include logo and contact information in the Smitten Project targeted, monthly mailings (to our members)
  • Opportunity to tie-in your preferred charitable cause
  • Ability to work with Smitten to design an event that meets your specific marketing need while complimenting our mission
  • All Major Sponsor Benefits

Major Sponsor

  • Sponsor video on the Eventbrite page
  • Dedicated space to promote your company and/or sell products at the event
  • Social Media recognition as a Major Sponsor
  • Event tickets (amount varies)
  • Inclusion in all event promotion materials
  • Brief at-event introduction to your company
  • All Sponsor benefits


  • Distribute swag, discounts or informational materials at the event
  • Recognition in event advertising
  • Recognition in the Smitten Project monthly e-mail newsletter
  • All Supporter Benefits


  • Your logo on the Eventbrite event
  • Ability to use the Smitten Project logo in your event promotion
  • Social media recognition
  • Discounted event tickets