The Smitten Project Advantage

Discover the limitless possibilities of partnering with The Smitten Project, where we bring together a wide array of partners dedicated to supporting singles and couples in their quest for love. Our network of esteemed partners includes event venues, relationship coaches, matchmakers, and more, all united in their mission to empower individuals on their journey to meaningful connections.

Our brands include Forever Smitten for monogamous couples, Smitten Singles for singles, and Smitten Cares for our charitable initiatives and provide a diverse platform for collaboration. As our partner, you’ll have the opportunity to showcase your services to our highly engaged membership, who are actively seeking date nights, singles events, and the nurturing of healthy relationships. With our track record of success, including increased sales and a growing client base for our venues and partners, joining forces with The Smitten Project promises a mutually beneficial alliance.

We understand the importance of fostering strong relationships within our local communities, and we actively promote and support local businesses through our platform. Whether you choose a free partnership or a paid partnership to unlock additional benefits, we welcome you to join our network and experience the positive impact of connecting with our community of singles, couples, and like-minded individuals. Together, let’s cultivate a vibrant ecosystem where businesses thrive and love flourishes.

Benefits of Partnering with

The Smitten Project

  • Access to our community, including couples, singles and other business partners. 
  • Promotion of your business, events, and programs on our membership website(s).  
  • We are properly insured for meet-up-style events – including introducing singles – which is typically an add-on policy.
  • Since our founding, we’ve planned over 300 events and hosted over 1,000 unique participants. 
  • We are supported by a team of professionals, there to ensure programs are delivered at the highest quality.
  • On average, participants spend an additional $25 per person at a speed dating event.
  • We are growing quickly – and you can grow with us! 

Business Partnership

Are you a venue, coach, expert, or matchmaker looking to make a meaningful impact in the lives of singles and couples? Joining the Smitten Project as a business member can offer you a wide range of benefits, opportunities, and collaborations that can help you thrive in the world of love and relationships.

As a business member of the Smitten Project, you will enjoy exclusive advantages that are designed to boost your visibility, expand your network, and contribute to the creation of programs that empower individuals and couples to achieve success in their love lives.

Opportunities are limited – apply today! 


By sponsoring The Smitten Project, you gain unique opportunities to showcase your brand and engage with a highly targeted audience focused on improving relationships, supporting singles, and nurturing couples. As a sponsor, you will have the chance to promote your business at our events and provide sponsored content directly to our members.

This targeted exposure ensures that your message reaches individuals actively seeking resources and services to enhance or change their relationships. Partner with us as a sponsor and make a lasting impact on our community while gaining valuable brand visibility among our passionate and dedicated audience.

Smitten Cares Partnership

As a Smitten Cares Partner, you have the opportunity to host events or promote community support initiatives that align with our mission of fostering healthy relationships. We are committed to promoting your events and volunteer opportunities to our engaged audience, ensuring maximum visibility and participation.

In addition, on a quarterly basis, we donate a percentage of our membership revenue to one partner organization per community, amplifying the impact of your important work. Together, let’s create a positive change and empower individuals and couples in their journey towards love and happiness.

Opportunities are limited – apply today!